President and CEO Search

The search for the next President and CEO of NBCC

The Board of Governors formally launched a search for the next President and CEO in July 2018.  They created a request for proposals that was circulated to a number of executive search firms across Canada.  After a close review of the proposals, the Board selected Boyden, a global executive search firm.

Boyden will work closely with the NBCC community and the selection committee throughout the process and will also focus on the on-boarding of the new President and CEO.


May 2018President and CEO, Marilyn Luscombe, announced her intention to retire effective June 30, 2019.
June 2018The Search Committee is established to lead the Presidential recruitment process.
July 2018The Board of Governors invited consulting firms to submit proposals for the President and CEO search.
Sept 2018The Board of Governors selected Boyden to work with NBCC and the search committee.
Oct 2018Community Consultation Period: The consultations include one-on-one meetings, focus groups, and an online consultation survey.
Oct - Dec 2018The position profile and selection criteria are finalized. Advertising for the position is posted nationally. Proactive recruitment launched.
Dec - Jan 2019Development of list of potential candidates.
Jan - Feb 2019The search committee interviews candidates and selection of the finalist is completed.
Feb - March 2019Public announcement of the new President and CEO.
June 2019Transition for the new President and CEO.

Search Committee Members

The Search Committee includes past and current members of the NBCC Board of Governors.

  • L. Paul Elliott - Committee Chair and former NBCC Board Chair
  • Patrick Lacroix - Current NBCC Board Chair
  • Lindsay Bowman - Current NBCC Board Vice-Chair
  • Wayne McDonald - Current Chair of the Board’s HR Committee
  • Lois Scott - Former NBCC Board Chair

Consultations with the NBCC Community

Join us at open community consultation sessions to discuss the President and CEO profile.

Oct 22, 20183:00pm - 4:30pmNBCC CORPORATE OFFICE
St. John River Room, 284 Smythe Street, Fredericton
Oct 23, 20189:00am - 10:30amNBCC WOODSTOCK
Room 3202, 100 Broadway Street, Woodstock
Oct 23, 20183:00pm - 4:30pmNBCC FREDERICTON
Room A1023, 26 Duffie Drive, Fredericton
Oct 24, 20189:30am - 11:00amNBCC MIRAMICHI
Room B-1103A, 80 University Avenue, Miramichi
Oct 24, 20189:30am – 11:00amNBCC ST. ANDREWS
Room A2211, 99 Augustus Street, St. Andrews
Oct 24, 20183:00pm – 4:30pmNBCC MONCTON
Room A1108, 1234 Mountain Road, Moncton
Oct 24, 20183:00pm – 4:30pmNBCC SAINT JOHN
Room E2001, 950 Grandview Avenue, Saint John

President and CEO Position Profile

The President and CEO Position Profile will be uploaded once it is approved by the Board of Governors.